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1. What do the 511 products do?

A: They create a barrier resistant to surface absorption, increase static coefficient of friction, make the surface harder and allow vapor permeability without changing the natural characteristics of the tile, stone, grout, concrete or masonry surface.

2. How long will 511 Impregnator & 511 Porous Plus last?

A: The product's longevity will vary depending on the surface texture, type of stone, tile or grout, where it is located what type of wear is the surface exposed to, etc. Typically we recommend re-application on flooring every 1-3 years for commercial flooring and every 3-10 years for residential flooring. We recommend re-application every 1-3 years on counters and every 3-20 years on vertical surfaces.

3. Will the 511 products build up, crack, peel, or discolor?

A: No. The unique formulas allow them to penetrate and bond to the surface without bonding to itself. It is not a surface coating and therefore will not crack, peel, yellow or discolor at any time.

4. How do I apply 511 products?

A: Because these products don't adversely affect most anything, they are very easy to apply. You may use a Miracle Sealant Applicator, pump up sprayer, clean towels or a light weight rayon mop. The general rule is to wet the surface so it gets very wet to your eye. Allow to stand 3-5 minutes and wipe or buff off the excess with a clean towel or carpet bonnet under a floor machine. Do not allow 511 products to dry or evaporate on the surface or a residue will appear. This residue can be removed by reactivating it with more 511 or mineral spirits and buffing immediately dry. For multiple applications allow to dry 1 - 3 hours minimum before applying second application. Two applications should be sufficient in even the worst situations.

5. How toxic are the 511 products?

A: Although 511 Impregnator, Porous Plus and Grout Sealer are solvents, they are only a 1 on the toxicity level (0 - 4). that is equal to laundry detergent. None of these products are considered flammable. They are all combustible (more then a 100-degree flashpoint). They are solvents so you don't want to drink them or lock yourself in a small room and start sniffing the bottle. 511 is USDA approved for used in food prep areas.

511 H2O Plus is a O on the toxicity scale, is non-flammable and has no odor. For any area where smell or allergy is a concern the customer may use 511 H2O Plus.

6. Will 511 products change the look of the tile, stone or grout surface?

A: Typically 511 Impregnator and 511 Porous Plus will not alter the natural look. They may have a tendency to shade the surface slightly, possibly creating a slight darkening. However, when the entire field is treated it is rarely noticeable if at all. 511 H2O Plus will have virtually no color or shading at all.

7. What is the difference between 511 Impregnator and 511 Porous Plus?

A: 511 Impregnator is a polymerized silicone resin that will offer superior water repellency on all surfaces and superior oil repellency on most medium to dense surfaces. Because it is not a coating, it doesn't fill the deep pores of many porous surfaces. As a result some oils may be able to work their way into the surface. Often they are able to be removed, but not always easily.

511 Porous Plus is the same polymerized silicone resin but this product has an added polymer in it to keep the stain fighter closer to the surface even on very porous surfaces. This added polymer is vapor permeable, translucent and when used with the polymerized silicon resin creates a fantastic stain repellent surface on the most porous surfaces.

8. Why is 511 Porous Plus so expensive?

A: 511 Porous is not as expensive as you might think. Take a look at the coverage rates of 511 Porous Plus and look into the cost per square foot not per unit. 511 Porous Plus will achieve a performance on many substrates other products will not work on. 511 Porous Plus out spreads the competition by as much as 10 to 1. 511 Porous Plus is very durable and doesn't need constant re-application. With that take into consideration the added Polymers are a very expensive component that 511 Impregnator does not have.

9. Can I use multiple applications of 511 Impregnator instead of 511 Porous Plus?

A: No! 511 Porous Plus has the added polymer and 511 Impregnator does not have it. Therefore multiple applications of 511 Impregnator will not do what 1 or 2 applications of 511 Porous Plus will do.

10. What is a grout/mortar release and which product will work as one?

A: A grout release is a product applied to the surface of the stone or tile prior to grouting. This step keeps the grout dye from penetrating into the surface and allows faster grout clean up. We recommend using the product you have chosen as your surface protector, as your grout release. You don't need a specific product for a grout release. 511 Impregnator, 511 Porous Plus and 511 H2O Plus will all release grout when used properly.

11. What if I get some on the side of the tile or in the joint?

A: Typically this isn't a challenge because we are never flooding the surface with the 511 products. In the event a little gets into the joint it will not preclude the grout from staying in place, especially epoxy grout. Just don't pour the 511 products over the surface and into the grout joint and you should have no difficulties.

12. Do I seal the grout and how long does the grout need to cure?

A: 511 will allow vapor to escape and therefore will allow most grouts to cure without any troubles. Typically allowing the grout to cure 24 - 72 hours should be sufficient, but if the customer is in doubt follow the grout manufacturer's guidelines for curing prior to applying 511 products. We recommend using the same product you have chosen to protect the tile or stone.

13. When do I use 511 Impregnator & when do I use 511 Porous Plus?

A: Think about 511 Porous Plus for oil and grease. If the surface is going to be exposed to oil and grease then you want to consider Porous Plus. After the oil consideration we then have to look at the substrate. If it is dense then 511 Impregnator will likely achieve what they want. If the substrate is very porous then they will want to consider using 511 Porous Plus. Both can be used on any surface. Keep in mind if the main focus is water and dirt not oil and grease, 511 Impregnator will work well on most all surfaces. MS can run a stain test using both products if they will send in two pieces of the surface.

14. I have white haze or streaky appearance after using the 511 products.

A: This means they have applied too much product and allowed it to dry on the surface. 511 can be reactivated by using more 511 or using mineral spirits, wetting the surface and immediately buffing dry. On polished stone surface the excess may be removed by buffing with #0 or #1 steel wool.

15. Will the 511 products make the surface slippery?

A: No. All surfaces treated will be less slippery. How much will vary from surface to surface and installation to installation.

16. Can 511 Porous Plus be used on polished and less adsorbent surfaces?

A: Yes. 511 Porous Plus will not harm any stone, tile or grout surface. In fact, due to the structure of some dense, polished stone surfaces. 511 Porous Plus will be the best product for the job in many instances.

17. Will the 511 products allow the surface to breathe?

A: Yes. Depending on the product, the speed of vapor transmission will vary.

18. Can the 511 products be used outside?

A: Yes. These products are effective from 65 - +400 degrees F.

19. How far will the 511 products penetrate?

A: It depends on what the products are applied too, but depth can be 1/32" to 2.5".

20. Can the 511 products be used in and around pools, spas, fountains, showers, and baths?

A: Yes. These products are not surface coatings and as some are very effective products for water and stains repellency as well as enhanced anti-slip characteristics. The products are effective to approximately 2' in depth.

21. Why do the 511 products spread so far?

A: Due to the small molecular structure and mild solvent carrier the 511 products spread much farther than water without sacrificing performance.

22. What will the 511 products do to surrounding surfaces?

A: 511 products are user friendly and will not harm wood, metal glass, plastic, acrylic, rubber, sponge, fabric, carpet cloth or paint.

23. How can I strip the 511 products?

A: Once cured it will take temperatures in excess of +900 degrees F or a very caustic solution to affect the silicone molecules. The only sure way to remove the 511 products is to hone or sand the surface.

24. Why should I use the 511 products over the competitor's?

A: We can't speak for the competitors but we can speak on the 511 products. These products have been successfully used on well more than a billion square feet of surfaces world wide. We have a tremendous amount of references and distribution locations. In addition, we offer more independent test data to back up specific claims on 511 products then competitors offer on its products. This test data gives you intelligent information to try the products. Ultimately, the "proof is in the pudding".

25. Does using the 511 sealers make the surface stain proof?

A: No. The 511 products will make the surface water and stain resistant. They will not stop the surface from soiling and therefore the surface will still need to be cleaned with the appropriate cleaner and technique periodically.

26. What are the solid contents of the 511 products?

A: Actually we don't know why anyone would need to know this. However, the solids can be calculated by looking at the MSDS and seeing how much liquid ingredients are used. Grout Sealer is approximately 1.5% solids, 511 Impregnator and 511 Porous Plus are approximately 5% - 6% solids. CST is approximately 10% solids and 511 H2O Plus is Approximately 20% solids.

27. Can I seal the backs of the stone or tile with 511 products?

A: The only way you might want to try to seal the backs would be in installations where the stone or tiles are going to be hung or installed mechanically without the use of adhesive. The 511 products can act like a bond breaker and therefore the adhesive may not stick as well if the backs of the surfaces are treated.

28. Can I dilute the 511 products, Mira Matte or other sealers?

A: No. Dilution will affect their performance drastically.

29. Do you have a sealer that leaves a shine?

A: Yes. Mira Matte, High Gloss Finish or Matte Finish Sealer.

30. Does Mira Matte go on before or after 511 products?

A: It can be both ways. The typical installation would be to treat with 511 products first allow to dry 1 hour and treat with Mira Matte. This would offer good protection and good color. For the most color treat the surface with Mira Matte by itself. The stain protection won't be as good but there will be more color. Now here's the curve ball, many customers treat the surface with 511 products after treating the surface with Mira Matte . They find the surface is less slipr. and more stains resistant than leaving the Mira Matte by itself. As long as the excess 511 is wiped off there is no problem with this.

31. Can Mira Matte be used on a saltillo or smooth surface?

A: Yes. It is very important to remove any excess before it becomes tacky on the surface. Spread evenly over the surface and buff excess off within 3-5 minutes.

32. Can Mira Matte be used outside?

A: Yes.

33. How do I strip Mira Matte or High Gloss Finish?

A: To strip Mira Matte you must use Mira Strip as directed. To strip High Gloss Finish you must use Finish Sealer Stripper as directed.

34. Can High Gloss Finish be used in exterior applications?

A: No. The product is not designed for exterior use.

35. What kind of cleaners can I use without harming the sealer?

A: Anyone of the Miracle Sealants cleaners depending on the surface. Tile & Stone Cleaner, Limestone & Travertine Stone Soap, Liquid Poultice, GCFR.

36. How do I take cement grout haze off of polished marble?

A: For Epoxy Grout use Epoxy Grout Film Remover.

37. I have a honed stone floor and I want it shiny.

A: We suggest having a stone care professional polish the floor mechanically using the appropriate abrasives, polishing compounds and equipment.

38. I have a matte finished ceramic tile I want to shine.

A: The only product we can recommend is High Gloss Finish. The customer must be aware the finish will scratch and scuff and mark. We suggest using the appropriate 511 products and simply clean the surface as necessary.

39. Do you have something to bring back the polish to my marble?

A: Yes. Stone polish, Water Ring & Etch Remover, Marble Conditioner or Mira Dust.

40. Do you have a color chart for your Grout Colorants?

A: Yes. The color chart is in the Tile & Grout Care Tri-Fold brochure at this time.

41. Do I have to seal the grout after coloring it?

A: No. The Grout Colorant is an epoxy and will seal the grout very well.

42. What is the products warranty?

A: In the event of failure, the only obligation of Miracle Sealants will be to replace such products proven to be defective. Before using, user will determine the suitability of the product for it's intended use. (We will only replace defective products, not tile, stone, grout, etc.).

43. Where can I get your 511 products?

A: Through commercial tile, stone, brick, concrete, janitorial, food service and building products dealers and distributors.

44. Can I buy directly from Miracle Sealants?

A: Depends. Miracle Sealants' products are sold through independent distributors and dealers throughout the world. If there is not a convenient distributor or dealer in your area MS will sell directly on a prepay or COD basis.

45. I distribute other products, why can't I buy at distributor discounts levels?

A: Miracle Sealants has requirements to become a distributor. These requirements haven't changed in more then 11 years. This translates to a stable, consistent distribution program that breeds continuity. In most instances, when your business is willing to meet those requirements you are welcome to become a distributor.