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Our Testimonials

Dorian Tanasi - Dalene Flooring

" We recently had the pleasure of doing an 8,000 square foot tile installation using your Miracle Levolution leveling system, at a Ferrari/Maserati dealership. Given that we were installing large format 24" x 48" procleain tiles it was imperative that all tiles were laid perfectly flat to avoid lippage. The goal was accomplished with the Levolution syste,. My crew of four installers was able to efficiently put down about 500 square feet of 24" x 48" tile per day, an astounding rate given the size of the material. We are very happy to report that the owners of the Ferrari/Maserati dealership are highly impressed with the installation. In addition we were so impressed we have already ordered pins for our upcoming job."

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That Tile Guy - Clifford Lamb

" I used the Levolution on a return wall project using 8"x24" porcelain tile. These leveling spacers with the caps seemed big at first, but for good reasons. Installing the caps with the Evolver Tool was rather simple but for the walls was a bit tricky at times. Because of having to float out the wall and the thinset was a little thicker in some places you had to try and hold the spacer in place while installing the caps. But once the caps where on they helped pull the tiles together and in some spots it actually held the tile in place. This product definitely made a difference with the install speed and overall application. And removal was rather simple as well. I have used other leveling clips that you had to use a spacer with as well. They did not do as well of a job as the Levolution and where not as easy to install. The Evolver Tool to install the caps are very simple and does not where on you throughout the day.

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Florida Tile - Erlanger, KY

"Thank you for providing your Levolution lippage control system for our recent showroom remodel in Erlanger KY. We were renovating our showroom with rectified 24 x 24" porcelain tile and with 9 x 36" plank porcelain tile.

We were previously selling a wedge type lippage control system. Your Levolution System worked much better. It was faster to install and easy to use. The installation contractor noted that he was able to install much more tile with Levolution than with the wedge system.

The best news is that a number of contractors were watching the work as it was ongoing. They all remarked on how easy Levolution looked to install. They all said they will be using Levolution on their future projects."

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