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Welcome to Levolution - A Complete Tile Spacer & Leveling System in One!

The Quickest way to Space & Level Wall & Floor Tiles

Miracle Sealants Levolution Tile Leveling & Spacer System is a revolution in Tile Leveling Systems for all tiles, especially large-format tile. It is a Tile Spacing and Leveling System in one! Its spacers allow you to choose 1/16, 1/8 or 3/16 grout joints. It comes in different profiles which include: Cross for general stack bond; Tee for laying tiles in a brick pattern; and Flat for edges and walls. Levolution requires only one piece per intersection regardless of the size of the tile, so youre laying tiles instead of extra spacers. This results in more productivity, saving you time and money. The caps that lock the tiles down are reusable. Levolutions Evolver Tool secures each spacer/anchor, while others require your hand and thumb. This results in a faster, higher-quality installation while saving your hands and wrists in the process. Levolution allows anyone to install perfectly-spaced and flat tiles on both floors and walls even if it is your first installation.