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Welcome to Levolution - A Complete Tile Spacing & Leveling System in One!

The Quickest way to Space & Level Wall & Floor installations.

Miracle Sealants Levolution is a revolution in Tile Spacing & Leveling Systems for all Tile & Natural Stone, especially large format tile. Levolution is an all in one system that can be used for both floor & wall installations. Levolutionís Spacer/Anchor comes in 3 different profiles and sizes to accommodate different job types. Profiles include Cross (+) for straight grid patterns, Tee (T) for brick grid patterns and Flat (-) for edges at walls for all patterns. The Spacer/Anchor comes in 3 sizes to accommodate for a 1/16", 1/8" or 3/16" grout joint. Levolution can be used with tile or stone with thicknesses up to Ĺ".

Levolution only requires one piece per intersection regardless of the tile/stone size so you are laying tiles instead of extra spacers saving you time and money. Other systems on the market require up to 4 pieces per intersection and an additional piece every 12" with larger tiles. Levolution has the least expensive component cost per square foot and saves up to 51% in labor over other systems. Levolution allows anyone to install evenly spaced and level tiles and can be used by both the professional and DIY user. Join the revolution today!