Aetna Life Insurance                                                                    Aloha Towers                                                                       Alderwood Mall
Armand Hammer Museum                                                           Astronauts Memorial                                                         Bally’s Hotel
Barney’s Of New York                                                                Boeing Corporation                                                           Boston College
Brea Mall                                                                                        Chicago O’hare Airport                                                     Disneyland
Disney World                                                                                Doubletree Hotel                                                                 Embarcadero Center
Embassy Suites & Villas                                                            Four Seasons Macau                                                           Halekalani Hotel
Hapuna Hotel                                                                                 Harvard University                                                             Hilton Hotel
Honolulu Police Dept.                                                                Hyatt Regency Hotel                                                          I. Magnin
Ibm Building                                                                                 Illinois Bell                                                                          John Hancock Building
Kimberly Clarke                                                                           Korean Memorial                                                                Laguna Hills Mall
Lax Airport                                                                                    Manhattan Village Mall                                                    Marriott Hotel
Mauna Kea Hotel                                                                          May Company                                                                     Mercedes Benz Offices
Mgm Hotel                                                                                     New York Hospital                                                             Nieman Marcus
Nordstrom Dept. Stores                                                              Northridge Mall                                                                   Oak Park Mall
Old Orchard Mall                                                                          Outrigger Prince Hotel                                                       Pacific Bell
Porsche Of North America                                                         Prudential Center                                                                 Ritz Carlton Hotel
Rr Donnelly Building                                                                 Sands Hotel                                                                           Sheraton Hotel
Sherman Oaks Mall                                                                     St. John’s Hospital                                                            St. Patrick’s Cathedral
The Boston Globe                                                                        The Disney Channel                                                           The Gas Company Tower
The John Wayne Airport                                                            The Kennewick Mall                                                          The Metro Link
Topanga Plaza Mall                                                                     Tops Grocery Stores                                                           Toronto Skydome
Towson Mall                                                                                 Toyota Motor Corporation                                              Union Station
Us Postal Service                                                                         Venetian Macau                                                                   Vietnam Memorial
Wegmans Grocery Stores                                                           Wells Fargo Plaza                                                               Westinghouse           William
Gates Computer                                                                            Science Building                                                                 Jacobs Field
Rancho Santa                                                                                Margarita Library                                                                Empire State Building
Intercontinental Hotel In Hong Kong                                    Exhibition Centre In China                                                   
Longfellow Place   Boston, Ma.
Atlantic Wharf   Boston, Ma.                                                         Museum of Fine Arts      Boston, Ma.                                       One Post Office Square     Boston, Ma.
Fidelity Investments     Smithfield, R.I.                                         The Shops at Prudential Center      Boston, Ma.                      Peabody Essex Museum    Salem, Ma.
Textron Inc.     Providence, R.I.