Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do the 511 products do?
2. How long will 511 Impregnator & 511 Porous Plus last?
3. Will the 511 products build up, crack, peel or discolor?
4. How do I apply 511 products?
5. How toxic are the 511 products?
6. Will 511 products change the look of the tile, stone or grout surface?
7. What is the difference between 511 Impregnator instead of 511 Porous Plus?
8. Why is 511 Porous Plus so expensive?
9. Can I use multiple applications of 511 Impregnator instead of 511 Porous Plus?
10. What is a mortar/grout release and which product will work as one?
11. What if I get some on the side of the tile or in the joint?
12. Do I seal the grout and how long does the grout need to cure?
13. When do I use 511 Impregnator & when do I use 511 Porous Plus?
14. I have a white haze or streaky appearance after using the 511 products.
15. Will the 511 products make the surface slippery?
16. Can 511 Porous Plus be used on polished and less absorbent surfaces?
17. Will the 511 products allow the surface to breathe?
18. Can the 511 products be used outside?
19. How far will the 511 products penetrate?
20. Can the 511 products be used in and around pools, spas, fountains, showers, and baths?
21. Why do the 511 products spread so fast?
22. What will the 511 products do to surrounding surfaces?
23. How can I strip the 511 products?
24. Why should I use the 511 products over the competitor's?
25. Does using the 511 sealers make the surface stain proof?
26. What are the solid contents of the 511 products?
27. Can I seal the backs of the stone or tile, with 511 products?
28. Can I dilute the 511 product, Mira Matte or other sealers?
29. Do you have a sealer that leaves a shine?
30. Does Mira Matte go on before or after 511 products?
31. Can Mira Matte be used on a saltillo or smooth surface?
32. Can Mira Matte be used outside?
33. How do I strip Mira Matte or Mira Shine?
34. Can Mira Shine be used in exterior applications?
35. What kind of cleaners can I use without harming the sealer?
36. How do I take cement grout haze off of polished marble?
37. I have a honed stone floor and I want it shiny.
38. I have a matte finished ceramic tile. I want to shine?
39. Do you have something to bring back the polish to my marble?
40. Do you have a color chart for your Grout Colorants?
41. Do I have to seal the grout after coloring it?
42. What is the products warranty?
43. Where can I get you 511 products?
44. Can I buy directly from Miracle Sealants?
45. I distribute other products, why can't I buy at distributors discount levels?
46. What is a Chelate used in Tile & Grout Cleaner?